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The Impact of Your Restroom

We have all been in a situation where we’ve had a rather unpleasant restroom experience.  Perhaps the restroom had run of toilet paper, the sinks were dirty or a toilet was clogged.  No matter what the reason was for the bad experience, as soon as you encountered this restroom your perception of the business changed.

According to a post by Jon Dommisse on the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) website, almost 70% of adults in the US say that a dirty restroom lowers their opinion of a company.

Knowing this statistic it’s easy to see how a restroom could positively or negatively impact your business.  This is especially important when it’s a restaurant because customers that have a bad restroom experience tend to equate that to the cleanliness of the kitchen.

According to the research company Harris Poll, 86% of the adults in the United States equate the condition of a restaurant bathroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen and the freshness of its food.

Top 10 Factors That Break A Restroom Experience

  1. Overflowing/unflushed toilets
  2. Unpleasant odors
  3. Overflowing trashcans
  4. Slippery/dirty floors with buildup, gum or other residue
  5. Dirty and wet sinks and counter tops
  6. Dirty partitions, doors, doorknobs, walls or fixtures
  7. Insufficient toilet paper
  8. Insufficient liquid soap
  9. Broken toilet paper dispenser
  10. Management/employees unavailable to report problems


Tips To Keeping Your Restroom Clean

The easiest way to make sure your restrooms are properly stocked and generally clean is to have every person on staff at your facility checking the restroom every time they use it.  That way the restroom is checked throughout the day and can be quickly cleaned if needed.

Another tip if you don’t have one already is to use a checklist to make sure regular cleaning is being done.  If you have a cleaning rotation and different employees clean the restroom it’s a great way to make sure all the cleaning is being done every time. 

Focus on regular cleaning and you can guarantee that your customers have a pleasant experience throughout your establishment.

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