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Three Tips To Improving Your Restrooms

We’ve already discussed the importance a restroom can have on your business and now we’ll show you ways to improve your restroom with three tips. 

Tip 1:  Restrooms first impression

There is truth in the saying “you never get a second chance on a first impression”.  Your customer’s experience isn’t just the dining area but the restrooms as well!  Make sure they have the same pleasant experience as they do dining when it comes to their impression of your restroom.  By keeping your restroom clean your customers should feel like they are the first ones to use it after it’s been cleaned. 

  • Check regularly that the restroom is neat and tidy by taking out the trash, wiping down the sink and countertop and replenishing supplies as needed
  • Hold every employee responsible for doing a quick check when they use the restroom
  • Know your peak times so everything is fully stocked and try to perform an extra restroom check to make sure it’s neat and tidy during a rush period

Tip 2: Manage your odors

The second aspect your customer will encounter in the restroom is the odor.  The smell is important because your customers will associate the smell with their experience. Make sure that you have air fresheners that are replaced regularly that are installed in good areas where there is air flow.

  1. Install air freshener(s) to mask odors and create a more pleasant scent in the restroom
  2. Deep clean your restroom at least once a month
    1. Don’t forget the drains and floor corners
    2. Use the appropriate cleaning products for a quicker and more efficient clean
  3. Consider toilet or urinal drip/miss mats & urinal screens to help prevent wet floors and unpleasant odors
  4. Consider automatic flush toilets to prevent the possibility of unflushed toilets


Tip 3: Sufficient supplies

There’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper or hand soap in the restroom so be sure to keep stock of supplies and refill dispensers regularly.

  1. Keep sufficient stock so you’ll always have extra paper and soap
  2. Refill dispensers often so customers don’t run out of product
  3. Consider an electric hand dryer so you never run the risk of running out of paper and not having a hand drying option

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