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Sustainability & Green Solutions

We believe in the importance of sustainable business practices to accelerate the world's transition to a more sustainable and prosperous future. We know how important it is to incorporate green solutions into our everyday lives. As industry leaders, we have implemented various green solutions throughout our business. Today we realize that we need to do much more to reduce our consumption of water, electricity, chemicals, oil and gas, and CO² emissions through inventive green solutions.

Green Solutions

Inspired by The Natural Step, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating businesses and communities about green solutions, and coached by Gunnar Andréen of Malmö, Sweden, we set up the Index 100 measurement system to manage our improvement process. Index 100 is the starting point from which goals are set and progress is tracked. It starts with educating our people about various green solutions and getting them to look for ways to improve. It also involves capturing accurate and useful data, and determining a common denominator (ex. tracking water consumption in gallons/pound of soiled product processed). We're constantly striving to find ways to improve our planet through green solutions that will make a difference. 

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Clean Green Certification

TRSA Clean Green Certification recognizes industrial laundry companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation to protect the environment. The certification acknowledges the company's continuing commitment to best environmental practices by improving efficiencies in water and energy conservation, and its adoption of best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.”

Clean Green certifies that we use sustainable business practices in order to conserve resources in work and living environments. The Clean Green certification is proof that we are dedicated to long-term sustainability and green solutions, and will work to continually improve our processes.

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Huebsch Services Obtains National Clean Green Certification - PRESS RELEASE
EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (July 29, 2013) - Huebsch Services, a family owned and operated business established in 1891, has been certified through the Textile Rental Services Association’s (TRSA) Clean Green Program for its sustainability practices to protect the environment.

Huebsch Services has met TRSA’s requirements for achieving efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adopting best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources. Huebsch implements various
sustainability practices including the reduction of water, electricity, oil, and gas consumption as well as reducing CO2 emissions. 

Meeting TRSA's requirements corroborates Huebsch's claim that its products are valuable assets in reducing
its customers' carbon footprint. Huebsch sought the certification to show the company's dedication to long-term environmental sustainability, and commitment to the continual improvement of its products and processes to better the environment. 

Huebsch serves over 6,000 customers in the West Central Wisconsin and metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN with offices in Eau Claire, WI and Eagan, MN. The company specializes in sales and service of floor matting,
work uniforms, and hygiene products. Huebsch is dedicated to enhancing the image of businesses throughout the area, keeping employees and facilities clean, safe and looking sharp. 

To learn more about the Clean Green certification, please contact
Jim Vaudreuil, President
Huebsch Services

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