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Hand Drying Solutions

Details matter. They are what make up both first and lasting impressions. Huebsch Hand Drying Solutions Help Clean Up Your Image. Nothing makes an indelible impression like a restroom. Whether you’re providing the necessary convenience of restroom accommodations to customers, employees or students, the guest experience can either make or break your image. One of the key components of that experience is an elegant hand dryer solution. Huebsch provides a range of product and service options designed to meet your unique needs.

High Speed Hand Dryer

Huebsch Filter-Aire™ 2000



Our Huebsch Filter-Aire™ 2000 electric hand dryer proves to be an ideal fixture in restrooms where an upscale experience is preferred. Users appreciate the incredibly low noise level — as low as 73dB — combined with an extremely fast drying time — just 7 to 10 seconds. The Filter- Aire™ 2000 hand dryer also has adjustable power settings so speed, temperature, and noise level can be custom controlled.

The Filter-Aire™ 2000 uses a HEPA filter that cleans the air, removing dust and bacteria before it reaches your hands. This model also collects the wastewater for easy disposal, which solves the problem of water dripping and pooling on the floor, and reduces the risk of a slip or fall in the restroom. As a favorite choice for its high-speed, anti-bacteria, and energy-efficient features, the Filter-Aire™ 2000 runs on as little as $16 of electricity per year. It is UL certified and availble in rental service and direct sale purchase.

Huebsch Filter-Aire™ 1000

Our Huebsch Filter-Aire™ 1000 electric hand dryer adds efficiency in any restroom environment where a more economical solution is required. Your guests will appreciate the modern design that features an attractive yet durable stainless steel fixture, and be impressed by the drying experience that relies on an automatic infrared sensor and a 3M® filter system.

The Filter- Aire™ 1000 hand dryer also has adjustable power settings so speed, temperature, and noise level can be easily controlled. Our replaceable filter is unique and makes hand drying more hygienic as it filters the air before it reaches your hands. All Filter-Aire models are UL certified and available in rental service and direct sale purchase.

Hands Free Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Automatic paper towel dispensers offer a practical and convenient approach to restroom hand drying. They help reduce the spread of germs and control the use of paper. Absorbent high-quality paper toweling meets both HACCP and ADA standards for hand drying. Experienced service professionals from Huebsch will install the units, keep them in original operating order, and manage the supplies so you don’t have to.

Single Service Cloth Towels

Single service cloth toweling provides comfort for the user and peace of mind for you. This environmentally friendly solution uses 100% renewable cotton fibers. Dispensers are designed to provide hygienically clean towels to each and every user, eliminating cross contamination and soil migration. Cloth toweling removes up to four times more bacteria than paper and has the approval of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Cloth toweling can be professionally laundered 75 times, which is equivalent to 30,000 single fold paper towels.

Rely on Huebsch for Service & Support

Our Huebsch client service representatives aim to be worthy of your highest expectations. You can trust us to install any hand dryer solution, keep it in ideal working order, and handle all the necessary supplies and fulfillment. As with any hand dryer, the Filter-Aire models are most efficient and hygienic when serviced regularly.

Whether you rent or purchase from Huebsch, our professional service teams will create a custom solution and plan that fits your budget, saves valuable time, and burnishes your image. We’ll replace filters, sanitize the product, provide repair or replacement and all the while, make sure to keep your brand reputation top of mind. Single service cloth toweling provides comfort for the user and peace of mind for you.

Your Brand Image is Our Concern

We believe that your brand image always comes first. And since details do matter, let us help you manage the ones that create a positive first impression — in your restrooms and beyond.

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