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Internships and Partnerships

Interested in the Huebsch internship program? As a laundry service uniform company, we’re fiercely dedicated to our internship program. When you intern with Huebsch, you’ll work with seasoned professionals that know the laundry service business. It’s our great privilege to welcome and guide you as you experience your first career position at a laundry service uniform company. Although the positions vary year to year, some roles remain fairly constant.

Ongoing Internship Positions:

  • Marketing Intern
  • Sales Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Web Design Intern


Hear from our previous interns...

  • Tijn Heerkens

    Tijn Heerkens

    Netherlands Foreign Exchange Student

    Huebsch isn't afraid to invest in you as an intern and this gives you the opportunity to develop both your professional and personal skills and at the same time you are being valuable to the organization.  If I didn't have to go back to the Netherlands, I would love to work for them! Read Testimonial
  • Yuexin Kuang

    Yuexin Kuang

    University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Foreign Exchange Student

    At Huebsch, your opinions will be listened to and you are given the trust and freedom to take initiative and make your own decisions. I am so thankful having worked at Huebsch with so many friendly and helpful colleagues. Read Testimonial
  • Jose Gomez

    Jose Gomez

    University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Foreign Exchange Student

    To anyone looking for a serious internship opportunity where you can have a real impact on the company's processes and be constantly learning, regardless if you are a national or exchange student, I strongly recommend to choose Huebsch as an option where you will be considered. Read Testimonial
  • Heather Berg

    University of Wisconsin - Stout Graduate Major: Apparel Design & Development Minor: Spanish

    I would absolutely recommend Huebsch to anyone looking for a great experience in a very relevant, functional area of the apparel industry. You'll learn so much! Read Testimonial
  • Samantha Steur

    2014 University of Wisconsin - Stout Graduate Major: Apparel Design & Development Minor: International Studies

    Huebsch doesn’t treat their interns like interns-we are trained, respected, and held responsible just like employees. This in itself is worth so much; my independence and confidence in my work has greatly increased. My time at Huebsch Services allowed me to apply my studies to real-world scenarios, and the work I’ve done is practical and valued. Read Testimonial
  • Elizabeth Covelli

    2014 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Major: Marketing

    Before I began the internship, I had only known what marketing was through textbooks and professors. This internship put it all into perspective and allowed me to apply what I had learned in school to actual situations and provided the opportunity to further my knowledge in the marketing field. Read Testimonial
  • Alex Roland

    2013 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Major: Marketing

    Thanks for the wonderful experience and a chance to realize what I truly want to do with my life when it comes Marketing and Web Design. I encourage any student to apply for the opportunity I had, so he or she can learn just as much as I did with my internship. Read Testimonial
  • Sarah Breyer

    2012 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Major: Marketing

    It was an unforgettable experience, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I believe that a big reason I got the job I have today was because I had a great internship to reference my previous work experience to. I highly recommend interning at Huebsch Services! Read Testimonial
  • Jonathan Miska

    2011 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Major: Marketing, Professional Sales Emphasis

    I will tell anyone who has interest in interning with Huebsch to take full advantage of the opportunity. Many people think going bigger is better, but Huebsch can equip you with many tools that are used in both large and small businesses. Employers will like what they hear about your experience and I am confident it can help future in terns land a job post-graduation as well. Read Testimonial
  • Ryan Master

    2010 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Major: Kinesiology Minor: Marketing

    Working for Huebsch Services was a great experience for me as a college student. It was a fantastic opportunity to work for such a great company. They gave me the freedom to work on my own which allowed me to solve my own problems, allowing me to grow professionally. Read Testimonial
  • Laura Soderlund

    2011 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Major: Communication Minors: Web Design & Development / Information Systems

    As a past intern and current employee, I highly encourage students to apply for internships with Huebsch for the challenging and rewarding experience. Read Testimonial
  • Hjordi Danielson

    2009 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Graduate Double Major: Marketing, Professional Sales Emphasis; Fine Art, Ceramics Emphasis

    For the first time at a job I wasn’t just handed a list of things to do. I had to think on my own what needed to be done and complete tasks I did not have experience in. This internship helped me grow to be the independent sales rep I am today. Read Testimonial

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