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Work Uniform & Laundry Service

Quality laundry service first and foremost. Trust in our commitment to you. Huebsch Services offers a wide selection of comfortable and attractive employee apparel work uniforms. Your specific work uniforms are tailor fit and can be embellished with direct embroidery or emblems to promote your brand identity on your work uniforms. Know that as an industry-leading uniform company, we’re deeply committed to providing exceptional laundry service, and we promise to place your best interests above our own. Whether you're looking to purchase, rent, or lease work clothes, Huebsch offers the highest quality work uniforms and laundry service at an affordable price. We understand that you want both yourself and your employees to look and feel your best, which is why we provide you with fast and efficient laundry service for your work uniforms. You first. Every time.

Huebsch Recieves Hygienically Clean Food Safety Certificate

This certification recognizes companies commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection.  TRSA's Hygienically Clean programs focus on outcomes, certifying products not processes, verifying your clean textiles meet appropriate hygienic standards and best management practices. 

> Huebsch Hygienically Clean Food Safety Certificate

Uniform Service Customized For You

A uniform company rental service is a significant employee benefit. Your employees don’t have to take their work uniforms home to wash. With our unbeatable laundry service, their work uniforms are regularly picked up and returned, freshly laundered, finished, and repaired. Huebsch Services is the leader in laundry services in and around the Western Wisconsin and Twin Cities area.

  • Valuable tool to attract and retain employees
  • Quality laundry service with each and every wash
  • No worries about laundry hassles and cost
  • Repair or replacement of garments when necessary
  • No up-front laundry service investment necessary

Uniform lease-to-own program

  • No upfront investment needed
  • Expanded choices for work uniforms 
  • With or without our weekly pick-up, delivery, laundry service and repair services

 Uniform Purchase Options

  • Ultimate flexibility with a wide selection of work uniforms 
  • Garments can be purchased direct and laundered at our facility with our laundry service program
  • Shop to manage apparel purchases online
  • Free delivery on our trucks in our laundry service area for regular Huebsch customers
  • Shipping available to anywhere in North America

Supportive Partnerships. Always.

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