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Lab coats are a necessity for your medical or veterinary clinic. They promote cleanliness and professionalism. With Huebsch’s in-house embroidery and emblem team, our rental lab coats can be customized to highlight the brand image of your business and help your team stand out.

Huebsch’s healthcare uniform rental program lightens your load:

  • Numerous uniform styles fit your diverse needs.
  • Programs offer rental lab coats and direct purchase tunics and scrubs.
  • Emblem and embroidery enhancements set your team apart.
  • Patented sorting technology ensures accurate garment delivery.
  • Service includes mending, inspection, and repair.
  • Route Service Representatives deliver consistently reliable service.

Huebsch is your full solution service provider

Uniform programs are only a small part of how we support our healthcare customers.

Is your veterinary hospital a member of the Veterinary Hospital Association? VHA members receive a 4% rebate on our services.

“Convenience, professionalism, and reliable service keep us in a long-term partnership with Huebsch. I appreciate the ease and hassle-free experience when changing the type of service needed with Huebsch.”


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