Plumbing, Automotive, & Other Skilled Trades

As a business owner in the service industry, your name and reputation are on the line with every service appointment. Your service representatives are the face of your company to your customers. A consistent and professional image for your employees is crucial while they are on the job. Huebsch’s uniform programs can really help your team stand out.

Huebsch’s skilled service uniform program lightens your load:

  • Multiple uniform styles fit your diverse needs.
  • Programs offer rental shirts and pants, polos, denim, and safety wear.
  • Patented sorting technology ensures accurate garment delivery.
  • Emblem and embroidery enhancements set your team apart.
  • Service includes inspection, mending, and repair.
  • Route Service Representatives deliver consistently reliable service.

Huebsch is your full solution service provider

Uniform programs are only a small part of how we support our skilled trade customers.

“I take pride in how my business and my employees look to our potential customers. I have a strong belief that first impressions are lasting impressions. That’s why for over 20 years now Superior Auto Body has used Huebsch Services for all of our uniforms and cleaning supplies. Huebsch had the best prices and the best quality for what we were looking for in a uniform company.”


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