5 Benefits of a Floor Mat Service for your Business

You may have heard of companies who hire out their floor mat service. You may or may not have considered one for your own business. Now is a great time to consider adding service to your business and we will tell you why. From bakeries to office spaces, gas stations to apartment buildings – floor matting services can provide amazing benefits to a variety of businesses. Read about five benefits of a floor matting service to take your business to the next level.

  1. Safety

Some of the most common injuries in the workplace are slips and falls, which often result from slippery floors that are not properly managed. High traffic areas such as building entrances, lobbies, and hallways can be prone to unsafe and slippery conditions. With a needs assessment, proper matting and maintenance of those mats, the safety of your business can easily be improved. When a floor matting service is used, businesses greatly reduce these risks. All mats Huebsch provides are certified by the National Flooring Safety Institute and are carefully chosen by our professionals for each individual space within a building based on its needs. The non-slip rubber backing of our floor mats ensure they will not easily buckle or move. Adding traction with mats to high traffic areas is a safety must for any business.

  1. Cleanliness

One of the reasons most people think of using floor mats is to keep dirt, liquid and debris off of their floors stop it from being tracked all over their building. Our commercial heavy-duty floor mats get this job done like no other mats you find elsewhere. Our mats are specifically manufactured with high twist nylon fibers to scrape and trap dust and dirt from shoes. We offer several different style mats depending on the use – such as scraper mats, waterhog mats, and brush mats. Waterhog mats are a great solution for climates that receive a lot of snow, slop and rain – such as Minnesota and Wisconsin. These mats can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Less dirt and liquid in and around your building means a cleaner look and less work for your janitorial teams.

  1. Image

Huebsch takes pride in providing our customers a neat and professional image by washing and maintaining each of our mats meticulously. Keeping our mats in high quality condition, regularly visiting our customer locations to swap out mats with clean mats continually refresh the look of a business after each visit. Mats also add an element of neatness to an office space or workplace. Without proper matting, the first impression of a business can be messy, dirty or disorganized. Make a strong first impression of your business with mats. We even offer a variety of colors and sized to fit your space perfectly.

  1. Branding

Something that everyone is paying attention to these days is branding and how companies present themselves. With customizable logo mats, you can truly take your space to the next level by creating your own look with mats. Many companies choose to display their logo on a mat at their front desk or in their lobby – welcoming guests with their own branding in a fresh way. Customizable mats can include informational mats, such as suggested places for guests to stand or reminder mats such as reminding guests to wash their hands. Whatever you can dream – we can put it on a mat! Take your branding to the next level by adding customized mats to your office.

  1. Ease

One of the main reasons customers appreciate our service is because they don’t want one more to-do added to their already long to-do list. No-one wants to have to try to clean their own mats, especially when they are commercial grade and they utilize multiple mats in various locations around their building. That is where we come in. We take the hard work off you and service our accounts as if they were our own so you can truly forget about it and enjoy the benefits of a floor mat service with no hassle. Our route sales reps come to your location at the frequency you need to swap out dirty mats with clean mats and ensure your needs are being met regularly.


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