6 Tips for Office Hand Care Health

Cold and flu season is here. Since promoting clean hands in office settings results in fewer employee sick days, it’s time to consider hand care health.

In addition to common considerations like avoiding contact with those who are ill, eating well, and covering your cough, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reminds us that handwashing is an important way to help prevent the spread of illness.

Here are a few tips for maintaining proper hand care health in the workplace:

  1. Ensure you always have an adequate supply of paper towels and tissues.
  2. Keep soap dispensers full and soap supplies well stocked.
  3. Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer in case soap is unavailable.
  4. Routinely clean frequently touched objects and surfaces such as doorknobs and phones.
  5. Deep clean your restrooms at least once a month with the appropriate cleaning products.
  6. Consider installing filtered high-speed, anti-bacterial hand dryers in your restrooms so you never run the risk of running out of paper supplies.

When you encourage clean hands at work, it shows your commitment to employee safety and helps maintain employee productivity.

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