Going the Extra Mile in LaCrosse

James Pickerign is the new face of Huebsch in the LaCrosse, WI area. He joined Huebsch last July after spending 13 years in the bar and restaurant industry. James was first introduced to Huebsch at a job fair in November of 2017 and interviewed soon after.

“Right away it seemed like a good fit,” said James. “I liked the family feel and how friendly everyone was to me.”

The issue was that Huebsch didn’t have an immediate opening for a Route Service Representative. So, James waited on deck for eight months until the right opportunity presented itself at Huebsch.

“I’m glad I waited,” said James. “I love the independence of servicing and growing my own route. I enjoy being out on the road every day and not being micromanaged. As route reps, we get to put our own stamp on the business.”

Huebsch is also excited about the enthusiasm James brings to his role.

“James has been a great addition to our route team as we continue to grow our service in the LaCrosse area,” said Brian Lanners, Service Manager for Wisconsin. “Customers there really love his energy and outstanding customer service skills.”

One of those outstanding service examples happened just this month. On one of James’ last stops on the last service day of the week, a customer realized he left some of his uniforms at home. James made the decision to wait while the customer ran home to get them.

“It meant I was going to end my week a little later than I wanted,” said James. “But sometimes you just need to do a little extra for the customer.”

“I love getting to know our customers and all their employees,” said James. “At Huebsch, employees aren’t treated like a number, and I take that same philosophy with my customers.”

When he isn’t servicing customers, James considers himself a foodie and enjoys cooking. He also loves to get on the golf course when the weather is nice.

“Work life balance has been another great benefit of working at Huebsch,” said James. “We work hard during the week for our customers and can earn having our Fridays off. I love being able to extend the weekend to be with friends and family.”

In addition to servicing LaCrosse, you may also spot James servicing customers in the Eleva, Blair, or Whitehall areas.

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