Huebsch Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

In 2021, Huebsch partnered with Market Measurement to conduct a telephone customer satisfaction survey of our current uniform rental customers.

When customers were asked about their overall attitude toward the ability of Huebsch to meet their needs, 90% responded with Very Favorable compared to an industry average of 69%.

When asked how likely they are to renew their service with Huebsch, 91% responded with Very Likely compared to an industry average of 56%.

100% of respondents rated Huebsch as Above or Equal To expectations for…

  • Garment Cleanliness
  • Garment Quality
  • Ease and Quality of Communication
  • Clarity and Accuracy of Billing


When asked how likely our customers would recommend us as a uniform supplier to a friend or colleague, Huebsch leads the industry with a net promoter score of 82% compared to an industry average of 45%.

From Carl Hendrickson, President of Market Measurement:

“Market Measurement, Inc. has managed thousands of business-to-business customer satisfaction assessments for more than 300 organizations during the past 43 years. Huebsch Services recorded some of the highest satisfaction scores we have ever seen, in the industrial launderer industry as well as across our highly diverse clientele. This includes evaluations of overall satisfaction, Net Promoter Scores, proportion of customers indicating they have “no unmet needs,” as well as likelihood of service agreement renewal.”

How can Huebsch help YOU have an easier, better uniform rental program?

View a video summary of the customer satisfaction survey’s key findings.

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