Building relationships one handshake at a time.

Aaron Schmitt joined the Huebsch team as an eager intern.  He was finishing up his degree at UW-Eau Claire and looking to the future when Huebsch offered him a full-time position after graduation. Aaron is now an Account Executive out of the Wisconsin office and has taken a fresh approach to learning about his role and his territory.

“I was willing to go where the opportunity took me after graduation,” said Aaron. “And in the end, it kept me right here.”

Aaron was raised on the Eastern side of the state in De Pere, WI and had fond memories of summer vacations with his family on Lake Eau Claire. He was excited to learn more about the area.

“I have a genuine curiosity about the area having not grown up here,” said Aaron. “I can look at everything with fresh eyes.”

In addition to supporting customer growth in Eau Claire, Aaron also travels south to the Sparta, WI area and north to the Hayward, WI area. He typically holds 2-5 scheduled meetings a day along with stopping in and introducing himself to new businesses in his territory.

“That’s the fun part for me – getting to know the people and the towns,” said Aaron.

He added, “I have really spent the last year introducing myself. I really look forward to my trips up to Hayward because I know so many people there now.”

For Aaron, all of those handshakes build partnerships.

“My role here is to build long-term partnerships with businesses that share our values,” said Aaron. “I love to tour other businesses and learn about what they do. I get to help people and create something better for them.”

Aaron also believes it’s important to build partnerships with the Huebsch service team and uses ride-alongs to support this.

“The sales team starts the ball rolling,” said Aaron. “We make the promises and then the service team delivers on them. We work together.”

He added, “I don’t need to worry about getting a call from a customer in six months stating that we aren’t doing what we said we were going to do. Our service team is great.”

While Aaron is only a year into his Account Executive role, the training and mentorship he received at Huebsch has helped boost his confidence.

“I receive a lot of support,” said Aaron. “I never felt that I was rushed to be out in the field before I was ready, and I have a great mentor in my Sales Manager.”

While the values and professional development at Huebsch have helped shape his new career, Aaron also isn’t shy about sharing some of the additional benefits of settling in the Eau Claire, WI area.

“I love the opportunities to be outdoors here,” said Aaron. “I can go hunting after work and fishing on the weekends.”

He added, “The work-life balance I have at Huebsch lets me do all of that, and more.”

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