More Than Just a Number

For the last three years, I worked in retail for a large corporation. The position was fun and engaging, and the job allowed me to pay the bills through college while letting me have something of a social life. It was not until I began my internship at Huebsch did I realize how much I was missing out on and what it truly means to work for a family owned company.

The little things.
I noticed right away that I had a sense of control over my schedule. This allowed me to create a plan that would be best for me during the workday. I was able to personalize my workspace to best fit my needs. When I needed more room to complete my work, I was able to use the extra space in the storage room without question. While seemingly mundane, these aspects introduced me to the idea that there are companies like Huebsch that understand the complexities of the workplace and help their employees solve everyday problems.

People and attitudes.
Every single person I talked to was genuinely happy to see me and excited about my internship opportunity. Everybody knew my name within the first couple weeks of the position, and employees would ask me periodically how I was enjoying my new role. While typical workplace banter was still prominent, it was always followed by a supportive comment or a statement signifying the importance of the work. This made it easier for me to be more comfortable at work while still being productive.

Working together = results.
In my previous work experience, the results of my work were lost in the corporate structure. At Huebsch, I was able to see the direct benefits of my hard work on the business. Many of my projects involved working with coworkers, and I can honestly say that working as a team helped everybody involved learn something new about Huebsch or its clients. I shared this sense with the rest of the company, which fostered a mutual understanding of togetherness. After only a couple months, I could see this comes natural to the employees of Huebsch – it has been practiced for 128 years.

I was embraced by the Huebsch culture, and I am forever thankful for that experience. The opportunities I had with Huebsch will stay with me forever. I have grown personally and professionally, and I am a better person and employee because of it. Thank you, Huebsch Services, for showing me what it is like to work with family and showing me what it means to be happier with Huebsch.

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By Davis Brinkmann

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