Huebsch Response to COVID-19

Huebsch Services is designated an essential business:

Please note that the executive orders in Wisconsin and Minnesota have not impacted our ability to service our customers. Huebsch Services is classified as an essential business because we are an industrial laundry and we help support businesses that are critical to our infrastructure. 

Updated 4/29/20

Our primary concern is the health and safety of our employees and customers. We are continuously monitoring the challenges the coronavirus (COVID-I9) is presenting to all of us. We are following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), local governments, and public health agencies. Here is a brief outline of proactive measures we are taking to ensure a safe environment:

  • Cleaning – Our service teams are sanitizing their trucks daily, wearing gloves to handle all soiled products, and utilizing the hand sanitizer that is available in every truck. We continue to sanitize our laundry tubs daily. We have also increased the cleaning frequency of individual work stations along with common high-traffic areas throughout our building.
  • Personal Hygiene – We are following CDC guidelines and have posted reminders about hand hygiene best practices and staying home if ill.
  • Laundering – Many types of viruses, including COVID-19, are eliminated when subjected to industrial laundry components such as detergent, temperature, pH, oxidation, and mechanical action. We also continue to have our laundry processors wear gloves and smocks when handling soiled textiles. Each laundry processing area continues to be sanitized and mopped daily.
  • Social Distancing – We have eliminated unnecessary travel, modified our break rooms, moved most office staff to telecommuting roles, and created virtual meeting spaces. While we take pride in the amazing relationships our route service teams develop with our customers, we have asked them to limit social interactions while they are providing service at this time. Our sales and service teams are still available for consultation over the phone or in a virtual meeting environment.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – All employees throughout our facilities are required to wear face masks. Additionally, our route service representatives are required to wear safety glasses and gloves as well.

While this continues to be an evolving situation, we are committed to making every effort to minimize risk for our employees and customers. At this time, we see no business interruption on our end and will continue to provide service as scheduled.

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