Office Apparel Programs in Four Easy Steps

If you manage your office apparel program, we understand your current pain. It’s frustrating to gather everyone’s sizes and payments, time-consuming to sort through and distribute the order, and stressful to make sure everyone looks well branded. That’s where Huebsch comes in. We are here to help with a simple four step process for ordering custom office apparel that will lighten your load.

Step 1: Pick Your Apparel Items

We can help you find the brands that are an ideal match for your team and industry. Huebsch carries brands like Nike, The North Face, Dickies, Columbia, and Champion. Then we can customize your garment color options to fit your unique brand image.

Step 2: Provide Your Logo

When you provide your logo, you will also select your logo color options. Once we determine the type of embellishment, Huebsch creates a digital logo mock-up for approval. In the ordering system, we can then lock your logo to specific locations on the garments for a consistent look.

Step 3: Account Setup

Huebsch handles the account setup. We just need you to determine the payment methods, employee budgets, provide the employee list, and identify shipping locations. We will then create your company’s custom online store and ordering instructions.

Step 4: Apparel Delivery

No more sorting through boxes of apparel! This step will be so easy for you now. Huebsch packages all items with a label for each employee for easy distribution, and items are delivered to the assigned shipping location. There are no order minimums, orders are typically ready in about two weeks, and shipping is free within the Huebsch service area.

Four easy steps. It really is that simple. Huebsch offers a better and easier way to order your company’s custom logo apparel. Contact us to learn more about how we can lighten your load.

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